Athletes In Motion

This camp is for boys and girls ages 9 – 18 who participate in sports and are looking to improve themselves so they can reach the next level of competition.

Whether your athlete is currently in a house league environment or plays for an elite rep, district, provincial or national team, SportsFit can help you get to that next level. It does not matter the sport. Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby or Figure Skating. We work with all sports.

SportsFit is offering two distinct programs.

SportsFit Elite (Athletic Performance Coaching Program)

This is NOT a traditional fitness program.

SportsFit Elite, Athletic Performance Coaching focuses on the instruction of proper bio mechanical movements to enhance the athlete’s functional sport movement patterns which will improve and enhance the athlete’s over all game speed, agility, balance, reaction time, sports specific muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, prevention of non-contact ACL injuries and general joint wear and tear.

Each program is individually designed based on the assessments found.  Our focus in the beginning is to remove any compensatory movement patterns that are causing the athlete problems.   Once this is achieved, we start re patterning the athletes movements that will ultimately lead to their success on their field of play.

This is a long term training program.  Most athletes need at least 6 – 12 months of both de-training and re-patterning their sports specific movements.  We breakdown the training program in to multiple 16 week blocks.

SportsFit Elite is designed to enhance and improve the athlete’s

  • Multi directional running mechanics (Linear, Lateral and Oblique)
  • Muscular power output in all planes of movement (take off / change of direction)
  • Multi-directional game speed & agility
  • Functional movement lifting techniques in all planes of movement
  • Knee joint stabilization during deceleration & multi planar movements
  • Hip & Ankle mobility during multi planar movements
  • Joint ROM & Soft Tissue Flexibility
  • Prevention of on field non contact ACL injuries and general joint wear and tear
  • Body Spatial Awareness

Session Times by appointment ONLY


1 on 1 Sessions:     

  • $80.00/session + HST (minimum 20 sessions)

Semi Private:          

  • 2 Participant per Session:       $45.00/participant + HST (minimum 20 sessions)
  • 3 Participants per Session:     $35.00/participant + HST (minimum 20 sessions)
  • 4 Participants per Session:     $30.00/participant + HST (minimum 20 sessions)


AIM Group Fitness Program

This is a fitness program in a group format.  There is little to no individual attention to the athlete.   The goal of the group class is to improve and enhance our participants physical capabilities.  By utilizing the four primary fitness components (Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength & Endurance, Flexibility & Body Composition), combined with the secondary fitness components (Speed, Agility, Power, Balance, Mental Capacity, Stability and Coordination) SportsFit can help create an  overall well balanced athlete.


Tuesday & Thursday

Please inquire about discount for families with 3 or more participants in the same program



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